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1802function (method) name hilighting -- not working for me

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Mar 23 12:13 PM
      I'm having a problem with method name highlighting in Java. It won't
      "hilight" them in the program text, but will in the item list.

      I think my default scheme color is blue on background, but even if I
      edit it in the scheme editor (Schemes, Section: Programming Langs,
      Scheme: Function Names) to, say, red on yellow, it still doesn't display
      that way in the program text.

      But: if I do Tools>Java>List Items (F6), it opens an item list window on
      the left, and displays the names there -- in the hilighted format I set
      in the scheme editor!

      So, I have to conclude that
      a) it does "know" which pieces of text are the function names (i.e., the
      parsing is working correctly -- it isn't missing a tags file or anything
      like that)
      b) similarly, it knows what the highlighting should look like
      c) it just isn't applying a and b to the program text window.

      Any suggestions? (Is it working for you?)

      I'm not sure it's ever worked for me. Just to see if I was doing
      something weird, I renamed my company directory to something else, and
      fired up the editor, and it still behaves the same.


      -Tom Hundt
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