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1792Re: Client-Server

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  • Gadrin
    Feb 9, 2006
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      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Steven Phillips <bill@...> wrote:

      > C:ME:find-file "my-path\\my-file"\nC:ME:ml-
      write "hello\tworld"\n

      yeah, I tried appending both CRLF and LF separately to the end of the
      string but no go.

      > 2) If the last char of the <message> is not a \n then add one.

      sounds good

      > 3) Only send the popup-window command when -o option is used.

      yes, that'd be nice, so ME could stay minimized, if the client is
      issuing several commands during a script/session.

      The Client/Server arrangement seems to work even if I hide ME and
      issue commands, then make it visible again, which is nice to know for
      the future.

      Can't Wait!

      Nice work, as always. Gadrin.
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