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1790Re: [jasspa] Client-Server

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  • Steven Phillips
    Feb 9, 2006

      When playing around with these things I try to start off small, so I started a
      new cmd prompt and typed:

      me32 -m "C:ME:ml-write hello"

      What happened was a bit of a surprise, my server ME printed:


      on the message line. Having played around a bit I think that the -m server
      option is working but there are 2 serious problems:

      1) To successfully send a command the message must end with a new-line char
      (i.e. a \n char). This is pretty easy on unix but in a windows cmd prompt...
      (I'm sure there must be a way but I haven't found one yet).

      2) Every -m message has the string 'C:ME:2 popup-window\n' appended to make
      the server ME popup the current frame if it is minimized. So the above call to
      me32 actually sent 'C:ME:ml-write helloC:ME:2 popup-window\n' to the server
      (see that hidden *server* buffer) - this additional command makes sense when
      using the -o option to open a file in the server ME, but I do not think this
      should be sent when only the -m option is used.

      So I think the -m option could be improved by:

      1) 'parsing' the message using the macro parser, this would allow the user to
      sent the message:

      C:ME:find-file "my-path\\my-file"\nC:ME:ml-write "hello\tworld"\n

      as one message (i.e. '\\' -> '\', '\n' -> new-line char etc).

      2) If the last char of the <message> is not a \n then add one.

      3) Only send the popup-window command when -o option is used.

      We are looking to create another development release soon, if no one objects
      to the above changes I will try to get them into this release.


      > Subject: [jasspa] Client-Server
      > From: Gadrin <gadrin@...>
      > Date: Thursday, February 9, 2006, 4:26:11 PM
      > To: jasspa@yahoogroups.com
      > I'm experimenting with the Client-Server functions in ME on Windows.

      > I'm using a scripting language to send the commands via a DOS window,
      > which auto-closes once the command finishes.

      > cd = dirscript()

      > comspec = environment("COMSPEC")
      > dirchange("C:\Program Files\JASSPA\MicroEmacs")

      > cmd = `/c me32.exe -m "C:ME:find-file \"C:/Program
      > Files/JASSPA/MicroEmacs/junk.txt\""`
      > ;cmd = `/c me32.exe -m "C:ME:ml-write \"Hello world\"`

      > run(comspec, cmd)

      > dirchange(cd

      > unfortunately the commands above don't find-file or ml-write. In both
      > instances ME responds (the icon flashes and gets focus) but I get a
      > new file called ME:1.

      > the ml-write lines opens a new file called "Hello".

      > anyone with more experience can give me a hint?

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