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1788Re: [jasspa] Subversion support?

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  • Christof Boeckler
    Jan 27, 2006
      Phillips, Steven schrieb:
      > Christof,

      Hi Steven,

      > There is currently no support for Sub-Version but I am very interested
      > in adding support. The next version of ME will have ClearCase support
      > and therefore ME's CVS frame work has already been changed to support
      > multiple source control systems.

      that sounds very good to me :-)

      > Given that subversion is so similar to CVS I do not envisage this
      > being very difficult, however I will need access to a SV server. It
      > would make adding support a lot easier if someone could give me access
      > to a server with which I could 'play' (would need the ability to add,
      > remove, update, commit etc to ensure I get the commands working
      > correctly).

      Depending on which platform you are developping on, it could be easier to
      set up a local repository without network. For example you could install
      svn via cygwin and then run the following commands (which are not
      platform specific):

      cd <free space tree>
      mdir repo
      svnadmin create repo
      cd <where you have stuff to check in>
      svn import . file://<absolute path to repo directory>
      cd <working space> # or delete stuff you checked in
      svn checkout file://<absolute path to repo directory> .

      From then on you only need to be in that working space an run all the
      svn commands like 'svn info', 'svn log', 'svn diff', 'svn ci' or 'svn
      revert' without any svn-URL (like 'file://...').
      (Maybe access to cygwin commands (svn etc.) could be tricky because they
      are not included in the default path on windows.)

      Also look at http://www.cs.put.poznan.pl/csobaniec/Papers/svn-refcard.pdf

      > So if someone can get me access to a SV test area I will add support
      > asap.
      > Steve

      Gruß / Regards

      http://home.in.tum.de/~boeckler/ http://www.spiegel.de/zwiebelfisch
      Da sie sich für weise hielten, sind sie zu Narren geworden. Rö 1,22
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