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1728Re: [jasspa] Random Justification Issues ?

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  • Jon Green
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Gadrin wrote:
      > I've been reformatting some writing I did using ME today.
      > This afternoon's session went fine but tonight I noticed when I
      > went to reformat/Justify the text I'd rewritten, ME started to center
      > justify everything.
      > I simply exited and reloaded, but it happened again. I stopped for
      > a bit then restarted a few minutes ago and it worked fine for the
      > first 3 or 4 paras, then suddenly decided to center justify the next
      > two or three paras in a row then stopped and left justified the rest.
      > Is this a known bug ? I know I didn't do anything to the buffer modes,
      > because I was using a keyboard macro of Esc-q followed by Esc-n
      > something I do quite often. Using Justify Left on the Text Tools menu
      > solved the problem for the 2 or 3 centered paras.
      > Just kinda weird.

      Hi Gadrin,

      Yes this old problem. The root cause is the 'smart' (or not so as in
      this case) fill paragraph. It attempts to determine if the text is
      left/center/right aligned. The 'center' algorithm looks at the space on
      the left and right of the text, if they are the same (+/-1) then it
      assumes center. Most of the time this is OK EXECPT when it goes wrong
      and is really annoying. There I times when the indent and lenght of the
      first line cause this problem (i.e. it is content related).

      When BOTH is enabled it is typically all right once you get the left and
      right sorted out correctly. I know this is really annoying, but I think
      that you might have a case that it has got worse, certainly I have
      noticed this more recently. As I find it so annoying I will have another
      look over the algorithm that is used and see if we can make it a little
      less sensitive to automatically dropping into the center mode.

      I do not think that using ifill-paragraph makes much difference as the
      underlying justification is performed by fill-paragraph. Maybe we should
      add a control to completely disable center justification unless enabled
      - I do not use it that often except explicitly.

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