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1656Re: [jasspa] Indentation/Formatting Question

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Oct 1, 2005
      It obviously thinks this is an XML file.

      Perhaps something at the beginning of the file?

      Not just the extension (".txt" etc.) determines what ME thinks the file is!

      Did you read the manual about file hooks?
      Did you read the me.emf file?
      Did you do something like 'grep *.emf add-file-hook | grep -i xml' ?
      These are what I would try.


      Gadrin wrote:
      > I'm editing a .txt file that contains code on how to create an XML
      > document.
      > Despite this, ME thinks that the document is an XML file and is
      > indenting some lines to the indent level of the previous line.
      > I have code cut & pasted into the buffer and I'm documenting it line
      > by line so some of it is indented heavily.
      > I describe-variables and found:
      > $fill-mode = "L"
      > and indent isn't on (my buffer modes are: AaBMTtU) and like I said
      > it's a .txt file extension.
      > When I go up to TOOLS, the first option is XML TOOLS instead of text
      > tools, which I'd normally use to left justify a block of text.
      > Can you point me in the direction of where I need to go to eliminate
      > this behavior ?
      > I'd like to "turn off XML mode" and activate "text mode" if possible.
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