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1599Re: [jasspa] Re: How do I find out more about this Command ?

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 5, 2005
      Jon Green wrote:
      > Gadrin wrote:
      >>PS -- how do I change my email display so every webspider in the
      >>country doesn't target me for spam ?

      !!False Alarm!!

      You gave me a fright here - we did do our homework before we started to use Yahoo Groups and
      it appears things have not changed, nobody should be able to see your E-Mail address.
      Because I moderate the group I can see your addresses on the WWW but according to yahoo you
      cannot see mine (but you can if you receive my E-Mails). Their statement says:-

      "Whenever a page containing your email address is displayed to other members or made
      "public" to non-members, we mask your address to prevent mass harvesting. For example, if
      your email address is "joe@...," we display "joe@x..." However, in most cases, the
      owner and moderators of your group can see your email address (it will not be masked for
      them as they often need to see member addresses to manage the group)."

      So it appears what can be seen is very dependant on the viewer (sounds like a physics thing
      now) which means that on the WWW you should not be able to see my address, but you will see
      it if you receive my E-Mail (fair enough). It is true that the moderators need to see E-Mail
      addresses because as soon as somebody spams the group with junk then I have to ban them
      using thier e-mail address (which has only happened twice in 5 years).

      So I think your E-Mail address is safe when you post to the group.

      Which also means my spam source is from somewhere else.

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