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  • Jon Green
    Sep 5, 2005
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      Gadrin wrote:
      > 1) Everytime I use HELP, USER SETUP and PLATFORM to change something
      > (or use USER SETUP at all, after hitting SAVE the program
      > automatically loads a buffer called Owner.emf and displays it onscreen.
      > I browsed thru the FAQs but didn't see anything obvious.
      > Is there (hopefully) a way to disable this feature ?

      Unfortunately there is no way to turn this off.

      I think this is a bit of history before the <user>.emf file was finally nailed to a defined
      position in the file system. We should think about disabling this in the future.

      It is not really a problem once you are set up because you will not change your profile that

      > 2) How do I get it to save my font-choices, which seem to work for
      > that moment, but not for closing/restarting.
      > change-font is perfect, but it doesn't save the choices for the next
      > session.

      Use "Save" when you have finished in user-setup. If you quit out of user-setup then go back
      in and do the "Save".

      Note if you have multiple ME's open and change this stuff then the last one closed will
      write the configuration out so when you set up you only want one ME open then close down and
      re-start just to make sure you have written what you want.

      > I've been plugging away using 1) above but it's kinda hit & miss.
      > hrmmm, noticed that when I do use change-font it makes the change but
      > resizes the app kinda like the old 3.8 version! LOL!
      > anyway, despite these setbacks, I'm still liking this product quite a
      > bit.

      Yes the screen does resize, this is because the width and height of the character grid take
      priority. Set your font up to the desired font then "Save" from user-set-up.
      Then resize the window to the kind of foot print you want on screen.

      Right Click on the mode line and select "Store Frame Size".

      Shut down ME and bring it back up. It should now have saved the font size and the frame will
      be restored to what you stored it as.

      Now you should be set up and will not really touch that stuff again.


      > Gadrin
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