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  • Gadrin
    Sep 5, 2005
      1) Everytime I use HELP, USER SETUP and PLATFORM to change something
      (or use USER SETUP at all, after hitting SAVE the program
      automatically loads a buffer called Owner.emf and displays it onscreen.

      I browsed thru the FAQs but didn't see anything obvious.

      Is there (hopefully) a way to disable this feature ?

      2) How do I get it to save my font-choices, which seem to work for
      that moment, but not for closing/restarting.

      change-font is perfect, but it doesn't save the choices for the next

      I've been plugging away using 1) above but it's kinda hit & miss.

      hrmmm, noticed that when I do use change-font it makes the change but
      resizes the app kinda like the old 3.8 version! LOL!

      anyway, despite these setbacks, I'm still liking this product quite a

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