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1593Re: [jasspa] Re: How do I find out more about this Command ?

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 5, 2005
      Gadrin wrote:
      > --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Jon Green <jon@j...> wrote:
      >>Basically it converts a key-binding into the emf string.
      >>As it says, if you are in a .emf file and do A-q it prompts you
      > for a command, enter C-s and
      >>it will insert the string "isearch-forward". i.e. it has converted
      > the key binding into a
      >>This is a macro defined in hkemf.emf
      > ah, I switched to the wrong buffer.
      > I'm just returning to MicroEMACS after using DLawrence's 3.8 version
      > occaisionally. Boy has this thing been improved. I need the
      > capability to record multiple keyboard macros -- quickly -- and this
      > seems to have everything I need. gVIM while nice, was a headache.
      > man, this command almost writes macros for you.
      > wow! I'm really impressed by this product. I'm glad I passed on Zeus.
      > thanks for you help Jon.
      > Thanks, Gadrin
      > PS -- how do I change my email display so every webspider in the
      > country doesn't target me for spam ?


      Looks like yahoo groups have changed their layout. You never used to see complete E-Mail
      addresses so they could never be harvested which is why we used yahoo groups. It looks like
      yahoo have changed this with their new layout. Some of the e-mail addresses are
      removed/corrupted others are not - I'm not sure when this changed, this is badness, big
      badness !

      I've deleted your messages from the server so your E-Mail address should be safe - probably
      explains why my spam reciepts have gone through the roof in the last month, I never thought
      to look here.

      Hmmm, might just need to close this lot down and move over to a self served MajorDomo
      service which can be self adminstrated and trusted.

      I will endevour to contact Yahoo - but I doubt that I'll get much success.

      Thanks for the tip off.
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