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1591Re: [jasspa] How do I find out more about this Command ?

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 5 1:18 PM
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      Gadrin wrote:
      > if you go to the JASSPA online help to the following page
      > http://www.jasspa.com/me/m2nar010.html
      > and search for: emf-quote-command
      > you'll find the following entry...
      > TIP:
      > If you are in an MicroEmacs macro buffer (e.g. foo.emf) use the emf-
      > quote-command command (bound to A-q) to make this process trivial.
      > This converts the key binding into a command which is inserted into
      > the buffer.
      > Is there any examples of how to use this command, or even find it
      > elsewhere.
      > I didn't see it in the Glossary and I search the me.hlp file for it
      > with no luck.
      > Thanks, Gadrin

      Basically it converts a key-binding into the emf string.

      As it says, if you are in a .emf file and do A-q it prompts you for a command, enter C-s and
      it will insert the string "isearch-forward". i.e. it has converted the key binding into a

      This is a macro defined in hkemf.emf

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