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1563How to edit files of specific types ?

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  • Meino Christian Cramer
    Jul 29, 2005

      duie to an install error I had to edit the /usr/shre/info/dir file,
      which conatins a summary of all info-files of my Linux system.

      I loaded it into MicroEmacs and tried to insert a blank line.
      Nothing happens...instead ME said : "Invalid symlink"...ME thought,
      I would like to jump'n'run in an info-adventure game.


      Okay....wrong mode. I fired up "buffer-mode <TAB> <TAB>" and got a
      list of available modes. I tried "edit" but this didn't work. In
      Emacs I would give the command "text-mode"...but...

      In "General Help" under "mode" I found nothing about urgeing ME to
      recognize a file to be of another "wrong" type....

      How can I hack that ? ;)

      Keep microemacsing and have a nice weekend !