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1540Re[2]: [jasspa] copy-rectangle editing "problem"

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  • Steven Phillips
    Jul 8, 2005
      There is a new and improved solution to this problem. The mouse now supports
      copy and kill rectangle, see user-setup -> mouse. Use one of these to do
      this; it is an improvement because the mouse is not constrained in the same
      way the cursor is so you do not need to insert lots of spaces first.


      > Subject: [jasspa] copy-rectangle editing "problem"
      > From: Thomas Hundt <thundt@...>
      > Date: Friday, July 8, 2005, 7:58:52 PM
      > To: jasspa@yahoogroups.com
      > What you have to know is: the rectangle commands cut EXACTLY from the
      > x,y of the point to the x,y of the mark. No special handling if one or
      > the other happens to be at EOL. Also no notion of whitespace or
      > anything else. Just pure x,y - x,y (with skipping of empty space).

      > So. If you want to cut all of the second column here:

      >> a ggggggggg
      >> b h
      >> c i
      >> d j
      >> e k
      >> f lllll

      > you have to put your mark on the first 'g' and the point off to the
      > right of the last 'l' -- BY TYPING A BUNCH OF EXTRA SPACES. Like this
      > (with <m> being the mark and <p> the cursor or point)

      >> a <m>ggggggggg
      >> b h
      >> c i
      >> d j
      >> e k
      >> f lllll <p>

      > NOW you execute the kill-rectangle command.

      > And if you want the leading spaces to be included as in your example
      > below, you have to put the mark before the first space:

      >> a<m> ggggggggg

      > (I love the rectangle commands :-) .)

      > -Th

      > Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >> I have a longish file consisting of two rows of commands, ordered
      >> like that (but a lot more entries!)
      >> a g
      >> b h
      >> c i
      >> d j
      >> e k
      >> f l
      >> Now I want to become the file to look as this:
      >> a
      >> b
      >> c
      >> d
      >> e
      >> f
      >> g
      >> h
      >> i
      >> j
      >> k
      >> l
      >> I know that all this can be done by using several tools of the UNIX
      >> environment (the problem is not the newest one...;) but I want to
      >> try to solve it by copy-rectangle.
      >> Unfortunately, the file filled up a lot of pages and the length of
      >> the entries let me struggle.....:
      >> first-entry later-very-long-entry-of-that-file
      >> <pages of entries following here>
      >> <pages of entries following here>
      >> <pages of entries following here>
      >> <pages of entries following here>
      >> <pages of entries following here>
      >> mid-entry last-short-one
      >> Hmmmm...I did a set-mark at the "l" of
      >> "later-very-long-entry-of-that-file", move down the pages and then
      >> could not go beyond the point right after the "e" of
      >> "last-short-one". This way I would cut all longer entries than
      >> "last-short-one"... ??? Isn't it ???
      >> Or is the problem again sitting in front of my monitor ??? ;o)
      >> Have a nice weekend!
      >> Meino

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