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1516Re: [jasspa] Search path issue -- CWD, $HOME

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Jul 1, 2005
      The problem is not when one creates macros in the out-of-the-way
      .../macros directory; the problem is when one creates macros in one's
      HOME directory or some other place where one runs the program from.
      Which has happened to me when I pushed an updated company file (or, more
      subtly, mycpp.emf) to a remote machine via FTP, more than once.

      Loading things from CWD is an invisible side effect, which is bad style,
      even if you don't agree with the fact it is a security hole.

      The solution is trivial: The program should look in CWD if MEPATH is not
      set. (I.e., the default MEPATH value, internally, should be just "./".)
      If people really want it to load from "./" they can add that to
      MEPATH. I think this satisfies all concerns.


      Jon Green writes:
      > Well after all of that I'm still not convinced of a problem under NORMAL use. Which the
      > scenario that we use. For a normal install then the macros are installed in a location that
      > is not normally that accessible:-

      > You do not create .emf files anywhere else - a simple rule.
      > The ./ directory is very useful this allows us to do things like the CD-ROM image where you
      > can run ME without installation and it finds all of its macros. It is also used under

      > So despite the complaints I am still not convinced that it needs to change.
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