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1418Re: [jasspa] "graphical" string-rectangle ?

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  • Thomas Hundt
    May 31, 2005
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      > Suppose you want to indent something -- a rectangle of course --
      > until it lines up with soething else above or below that rectangle.
      > With the current implemeentation you first have to count the spaces
      > needed (dont miscount! Otherwise: Go back to START), start
      > string-rectangle, enter that amount of space, hit <RETURN> (fingers
      > crossed) and VOILA!....ooops...to wo space to much...UNDO...and...

      Well in the time-tested tradition of "let the machine do the repetitive
      work" why don't you just write a macro that does something like:

      ; macro "indent the region the same number of blanks as line above"
      save line number of current location
      exchange-point-and-mark ; now at beginning of to-be-indented area
      count number of spaces from ^ ; how many blanks to insert
      forward-line ; now on the first line to be indented
      subtract current_line_number from saved_line_number
      for this many lines, prepend the counted number of spaces

      Of course, this isn't the way I do such a thing myself. What I do is go
      to the line that has the spaces at the beginning, mark the BOL, cursor
      to the end of the spaces, copy the region (i.e., just the spaces) and
      then do query-replace-string of ^ with those spaces (inserted in the
      minibuffer using yank) and just keep hitting spacebar and replacing (and
      thus indenting) until I'm at the end of the area I want to indent.
      Simple, and nearly foolproof. And no counting!

      I also have a small macro that indents the current line 4 spaces and
      moves to the next line (I call it "shove-over"). I use this a lot.

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