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141[jasspa] Re: Me-Source: Cygwin.gmk and URL-ME and Console-ME for Win9x

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  • Pedro Miguel Gomes
    Dec 4, 1999
      detlef groth <dgrot-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/jasspa/?start=140
      > Hello,
      > the Makefile-file for the Cygwin-environment under Win9x is not the
      right one, it is a Linux-Cygwin-file mixture.
      > Has anybody build the URL-Version and the Console version for ME99.
      My MSVC6.0 on NT was starting with the generation of the object-files
      but not founding the the RC-Command (no rc.exe in the bin there). What
      is missing in this installation of the MSVC6.0 ?
      I've built all the versions and all went well. I run Windows NT 4.0
      witb Visual C++ 6.0. Check your environment vars.

      Pedro Gomes
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