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139[jasspa] Help Index

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Dec 3, 1999
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      [Detlef Groth 10:00 AM 11/23/99 +0100]
      |The new version is really nice, thanks to Steven for
      |the help-menu with contents, index and search tabs. I
      |t is really great.

      All right!!! A help index!!! Woo-hoo!!! :-)

      This is a major plus.

      Things to add: I would expect PgUp/PgDn to scroll the text within the tabs. (We can already move the box using Alt-arrows; how about making PgUp/PgDn available?) Also there is no scrollbar, so it cannot be scrolled using the mouse. (Or have I got something configured wrongly?)

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