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    May 18, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      after using Eclipse for a while, there's a couple of things that I
      would like to implement in ME (well, quite a few, apart from the

      -Syntax check on save. Initially I plan to use php -l (lint), which
      gives you an error message and the line where it fails (just one). My
      intention is to have a small bottom window open with the error code (if
      any) and then have it highlight the line in red (the highlight should
      dissapear as soon as the line changes). On the long term I plan to
      find/write a decent parser to check the full syntax and issue warnings
      apart from errors.

      -Integrating completion with, either ctags or scintilla's api files
      (another editor) in a dropdown for word completion, so you get a list
      of possible completions within a "menu" AND the argument list "hint"
      (this last one is extremely useful in PHP) once you choose one.

      As I haven't done any macro development before, just syntax files, what
      macros should I start from?



      PS. Congratulations on the release... downloading right now

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