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1333JASSPA MicroEmacs Release Candidate 2 (RC2 / 2005.04) now available.

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  • jasspa
    Apr 10, 2005
      Release candidate 2 (RC2 / 2005.04) is now available for download from
      www.jasspa.com. The download is available from a link on the main page
      only. If you cannot see any changes in your browser then it is
      advisable to flush your browser cache and the updated pages should
      appear when the page is reloaded.

      If you are upgrading from a previous release and have created your own
      macros then please read the notes on the regular expression \S?
      syntax. This changes form to \S loosing the last character. Any
      private macros should be upgraded to conform to this new syntax. More
      details are provided on the download page and in the on-line help.

      If you are upgrading from releases prior to RC1 (2005.02) then it is
      advisable to delete your user.erf (or rename your user jasspa
      directory) and reconfigure as a new user.

      This will be the last release candidate, the next release will be the
      final version for 2005.

      Please report any problems with this release on this group mail list
      or to support@....

      Any further submissions for the next release should be made as soon as
      possible in order for them to be included in the final release.

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