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1328Re: [jasspa] questions: syntax highlighting; confirmations

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  • Jon Green
    Mar 20 4:46 AM
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      s wrote:
      > Hello, colleagues
      > would be grateful if someone could help me finding the answers to the
      > following questios:
      > 1. how can i create a new syntax highlighting scheme? and how can i
      > then apply one to the file?
      > the problem is that i want to create a certain highlitighting for the
      > .TXT files in order to highlight certain types of these files. i
      > surely do not want to apply this scheme to ALL .TXT files, but only to
      > a few of them -- how can this be done?

      Following are some attachments that do it.

      Add the hkextxt.emf file to your local user directory.
      Add the following line to your <user>.emf

      -1 add-file-hook "-[*!]-[ \t]*extxt.*-[*!]-" fhook-extxt ; -!- extxt -!-

      Create your .txt file with the magic string "-!- extxt -!- on the top
      line and then you should be running.

      Hack the hkextxt file to do what you want.

      > 2. is it possible to check somethere in the options that ME should not
      > ask me every time about saving changes to open files and about leaving
      > if a modified bufer exists? i rarely leave editor, but if i do close
      > it, then i do want to leave it :).

      Add to your <user>.emf:

      global-bind-key quick-exit "esc z"
      global-bind-key quick-exit "C-x C-c"

      Note that this saves the changes and exits without prompting.
      Dangerous to my mind, but that is your choice.

      I do not think that there is a standard exit command that discards the
      changes - would need to make a macro to do this. Here is an example
      where somebody wanted to be ALWAYS prompted before exiting - which
      is the exact opposite of what you want but kind of shows you
      how to replace the exit command with something that you
      want to write.

      define-macro my-exit-emacs
      !if &iseq @mc1 "Exit Emacs - Are you sure [y/n] ? " "yYnN" "y"
      save-buffers-exit-emacs @mna
      global-bind-key my-exit-emacs "esc z"
      global-bind-key my-exit-emacs "C-x C-c"

      > thanks :).

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