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1326Re: [jasspa] A simple question

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  • Jon Green
    Mar 9, 2005
      bdasts wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I am a new ME user, Win-XP version. I have a question on how to
      > set the default directory were find-file (C-x C-f) originates.
      > In GNU-Emacs the command is (setq default-directory "C:\\Work\\")
      > What is the equivelent ME command? If their is no command for this
      > I will just create a shortcut for ME that starts in the directory
      > my current project is in.

      ME will always open a file in the directory of the current
      buffer. Typically on Windows then the desktop shortcut will
      include the "-c" command line option which restores the
      last session so the current buffer will be the last buffer
      that you opened. The current directory is the directory
      of the current buffer.

      You can set the variable $home in your user setup file
      which is the default when you ask for "~". i.e.

      set-variable $home "c:/project/"

      C-x C-f ~ will expand to $home => c:/project/

      Your user setup file <user>.emf is in directory (folder in Windows speak):-

      c:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Application Data/jasspa/

      > One more question. I changed the window size with the command
      > change-frame-depth "35" so when starting ME the bottom of the
      > frame would not be covered by the Windows taskbar. Is there a
      > command that specifies the position on the desktop that ME starts
      > up on. Everytime I start ME it opens up at a new position on the
      > desktop. I would like to be able to have it started centered on
      > the desktop.

      The position is supported under MS-Windows via the c:\winnt\me32.ini
      file using the "geometry" option i.e.

      ; MicroEmacs 8.2005.0219 configuration file.
      ; Identify the location of the MicroEmacs executable so that the
      ; Developer Studio `Add-In' can locate the executable
      exe=C:\Program Files\JASSPA\MicroEmacs\me32.exe
      ; See the Jasspa me32.ini documentation for details on this file.

      This is a bit like X-Windows and the .Xdefaults file. There is no
      interactive command within the editor that sets this value.
      See M-x help -> Glossary and then search for "me32.ini"
      You can specify the frame size as well (in chars).

      The other way of changing the frame size is via the mouse. Adjust the
      window to the size that you require and then right click on the
      mode-line and select "Set Frame Size". This size is then used when the
      editor is started.

      FYI: Since you are used to GNU-Emacs then there is a GNU Emacs emulation
      in the user setup. M-x user-setup -> Emulation. This is new in
      the '05 RC1 so if there is stuff that you would like to see
      added then say so.

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