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132[jasspa] ANNOUNCE JASSPA's MicroEmacs '99 (2nd Release)

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  • Jon Green
    Dec 1, 1999
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      The following was announced on the comp.emacs and comp.editors
      mail reflector today.


      ANNOUNCE JASSPA's MicroEmacs '99 (2nd Release)

      The 2nd full release of JASSPA's MicroEmacs has now been
      posted to our home sites. Find it at:-


      The base source release and a number of pre-compiled
      binaries are available. Install Shield for the Windows
      environment will be posted in the next few days.

      Supported platforms include the following:-

      DOS (djgpp 1/2)
      HPUX 9.x/10.x
      IBM AIX
      Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.x/6.x
      Sun Solaris 2.6 (Intel)
      Sun Solaris 5.5/5.6
      Windows '95/'98/NT
      Windows 3.11

      Help and information may be obtained from the E-Mail
      group at:-


      You can subscribe to the mailing lists by sending a
      blank message to:-


      Any other problems then mail:-


      What is it ??

      * A much enhanced version of the Danial Lawrence's
      original MicroEmacs 3.8 of 1988.
      * An Emacs editor biased towards UNIX users, working
      across platforms by providing a consistent interface
      under UNIX,
      * Fully featured editor, retaining the lightness of the
      original MicroEmacs 3.8 with much enhanced capability.
      * Small memory and disk footprint.
      * Macro language extensions (not Lisp).

      Whats New ??

      * Tidy up of the existing release (9/98) bug fixes etc.
      * Improved hilighting and window control
      * Improved language support
      * New color schemes
      * New file templates
      * New RegExp search engine

      Feature Set ??

      Brief feature set includes the following:-

      * Syntax color hilighting.
      * Automatic indentation modes
      * Extensive help
      * Extensible macro language
      * Integrated speller.
      * Abbreviation and command completion.
      * Automatic backups and auto save.
      * Window manager support X/Microsoft.
      * Termcap support (UNIX)
      * Command shell buffers on UNIX and Windows (cygwin).
      * Compile/make/info/man etc. from editor context.
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