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1313Re: [jasspa] me on HP-UX

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  • Rick Owen
    Feb 21, 2005
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      Jon, thanks for the quick reply. I did as you suggested and now have me working correctly. The
      one last piece one which I need help is getting syntax coloring going. I have edit me.emf and
      commented out the line

      ;add-file-hook ".sql" fhook-sql

      and modfied the .pls line to be:

      add-file-hook ".pls .sql" fhook-pls

      but I can't remember what I need to do to get syntax coloring going. I apologize for asking
      rather than reading the help, etc. but have no more time for reading the manual right now. I've
      got a ton of work to do. My telnet software is configured as VT220 with ANSI color enabled.

      Also, I am using telnet software to connect to my host and I can't recall what key sequence I use
      to activate the menu.

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