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1299Font on X

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  • Salman Khilji
    Feb 5, 2005
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      I am using Jasspa on Fedora Core 3 and GNOME 2.8. I
      have downloaded some true-type programming font from
      http://www.proggyfonts.com/. As everyone suggests, to
      install new fonts, you have to copy them to ~/.fonts.
      I did this.

      To use a font in jasspa, I really do not know any
      better way to use the XFontSel utility and then "cut'n
      paste" the resulting font into jasspa's font dialog
      box. The problem is that the XFontSel utility does
      not list the font that I have downloaded.

      Gnome Terminal can use the font just fine. Does
      anyone know of an alternate way to install fonts in X
      so that jasspa will be able to use them?


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