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1293open, save hooks?

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  • Kimmo Pietarinen
    Dec 22, 2004

      I miss the functionality that is found for example in vim that the cursor position is saved for visited files and restored when the file is re-opened. I know that it is possible to get a somewhat similar functionality by using the -c flag to 'me', but I do not want 'me' to restore my entire previous session including open files etc.


      Ok, so I though I would have this as a small Chrismas project and implement a macro that does this. I am new to macro programming and have only done some small macros previously. I have searched the help pages but not really figured out how to intercept the file open and save commands. Is it possible to do and what hooks or callbacks should I use? I have tried to do something with $buffer-fhook, $buffer-bhook and $buffer-dhook, but they do not seem really appropriate...




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