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1288RE: [jasspa] MinGW Makefile

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  • Patrick Anderson
    Nov 15, 2004
      Size was the wrong choice of words on my part.

      While size is of some importance to me, complexity is what I fear most.

      My true interest is the feature/complexity ratio. Maximizing features while minimizing complexity.

      My "request for input" was concerning a project which will be very separate from ME.

      Begining with a small editor such as ME or http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemacs or http://biew.sf.net or http://hte.sf.net

      The vision is to pull the OS back through the editor so you never need to leave your favorite environment. Use a compiled language (set up as JIT) and cache the compiled images to achieve high performance. What I'm suggesting is certainly not new*. Just another shot at it.

      PS: Sorry if I'm causing grief here. Just ignore me if so.

      * Programming Languages as Operating Systems (or, Revenge of the Son of the Lisp Machine) Matthew Flatt and Robert Bruce Findler and Shriram Krishnamurthi and Matthias Felleisen. http://www.ccs.neu.edu/scheme/pubs/icfp99-ffkf.pdf

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      Hi Patrick,

      I've discovered a flaw in your reasoning:
      BTW: I'm a many year GnuEmacs user, but jasspa interest me for
      many reasons - size being the first.
      Hoping to integrate a lisp or python jit compiler, eventually
      audio and video editing, and 3d modeling and simulation etc.

      If you like the size of ME, it helps to focus on text editing only ;=)

      Just my 5c


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