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1276Re: [jasspa] quotes and fence matching

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Nov 4, 2004
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      Well for a quick fix, I would make dmf.emf take a variable to determine
      which fences to match, instead of having them hardcoded. I would then
      simply remove the apostrophe from the list (in mytxt.emf), for text
      files. And add brockets ('<' and '>') for HTML files. Etc. This seems
      like a five minute hack, if you know where to create the system variable
      (which I don't). (An open question is where goto-matching-fence gets
      its fence list from.)


      > Even in a text file, we implicitly know which bracket is matched to which,
      > unfortunately computers don't do implicit rules very well.
      > dmf.emf is the right file, it defines which 'fences' it is going to hilight
      > but uses the goto-matching-fence command to find it, it is this sub command
      > that attempts to match the 's.
      > I don't think this can be solved yet, but changes are afoot that may lead to a
      > solution,
      > Steve

      >>Putting a single quote inside parentheses upsets the goto-matching-fence
      >>(and its complementary display) algorithm.
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