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1269Re: [jasspa] CUA support (2nd cut) & GNU Emacs emulation request

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Nov 3, 2004
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      Oh it just slays me that in GNU, Home and End go to the top and bottom
      of the file. That's different from EVERY other windows app.


      Bob Paddock wrote:

      > On Tuesday 19 October 2004 05:44 pm, Steven Phillips wrote:
      >>However having not used Emacs for years I am no longer in a position to
      >>know what the main annoyances of using ME are from an Emacs users point of
      > Major one is that Control-Open-Bracket (^[) is not the same as Meta (<ESC>).
      > Ctrl-Home go to top of current file.
      > Ctrl-End go to bottom of current file.
      > ESC-% Replace.
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