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1264Re: [jasspa] How to add something to the OSD menu?

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  • Steven Phillips
    Nov 2, 2004

      It's down to execution order, osd.emf is not executed until the main menu is
      opened for the first time, the company file is executed at start-up as it can
      be used to change things like key bindings etc.

      You need to create a myosd.emf and put this line in there, if it exists this
      file is executed at the end of processing osd.emf and can be used to modify
      any aspect of the main menu,


      > Subject: [jasspa] How to add something to the OSD menu?
      > From: Thomas Hundt <thundt@...>
      > Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2004, 11:09:29 PM
      > To: "JASSPA MicroEmacs Mailing List (W)" <jasspa@yahoogroups.com>

      > I'm trying to add a simple thing that I use all the time to one of the
      > menus. Going off of examples in osd.emf and in the help for OSD, it
      > looks like I could just add this line to my company file and get a nice
      > new entry:

      > osd 1 145 "" "Print \HRegion" f print-region ; print region

      > But so far, no dice. It just comes up with "error executing line xxxx
      > in yyyy" and complains. I've tried moving it to mytxt.emf but the same
      > thing happens there.

      > -Tom Hundt

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