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1261Re: [jasspa] ishell blocks on Zaurus

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  • p.de.reus@falconleven.nl
    Nov 2, 2004
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      grep is indeed working correctly. The ME version by the way is 20040701 and the corresponding macro files (I have edited me.emf slightly, because on a Z the default user is 'zaurus'. This == $platform and causes problems  when executing 'zaurus.emf' (which is either platform specific file or user settings file).

      I do not have X (just Qt), so I have compiled using the mec entry in the makefile, building a ncurses only microemacs.
      I'll look into the unixterm.c source and see what I can find and try to compile it against termcap (thanks Pierre!).

      Any other suggestions are welcome

      Jon Green <jnaught@...>

      02-11-2004 12:30
      Please respond to jasspa

              To:        jasspa@yahoogroups.com
              Subject:        Re: [jasspa] ishell blocks on Zaurus

      p.de.reus@... wrote:

      > I have compiled microEmacs for the Zaurus. It's running fine with
      > libcurses on my SL-C760 in a terminal window. The only hickup I experience
      > is when I open up an ishell (with the ishell command): I get a new *shell*
      > buffer and the /bin/bash line, but no prompt. It looks as if the bash
      > process is blocked.
      > I have no clue where to look for a solution: in the macro file, the bash
      > parameters  or somewhere in the source. Could anyone give me some
      > pointers?
      > Thanks!
      > Paul
      > note: the Z is running bash 2.05.0 and linux kernel 2.4.18

      I assume that commands such as 'grep' are working correctly
      so the problem is with the terminal configuration.

      I do not run Zaurus and do not know how Linux is configured for
      this system. Based on problems with other systems then the
      likely culpret is in the source:-

      unixterm.c - TCAPgetattr() not being configured correctly
                           for Zaurus.

      From the  symptoms that you describe then this area of the
      code was added into the last release and fixed most issues
      related to a shell terminal (especially as "su root"
      which caused a lot of problems). Specifically the case
      (isX != 0) which is where you may be mis-configured.

      For the above then open a terminal window and run "me -n".
      Then run a shell - is this OK ? Now run from X off desktop -
      and run a shell does this fail ? If this is the case then
      the (isX != 0) condition is the problem (see specials for
      HP-UX in the code) and the termio modes should be configured.
      To debug this then add some printfs (best to write to
      "/tmp/me.log" so they do not appear on stdout) to work out
      what mode termios is being launched with.

      Hope this helps.


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