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1244CUA support (2nd cut) & GNU Emacs emulation request

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  • Steven Phillips
    Oct 19, 2004
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      Attached is a second cut of cua support, the zip file contains an updated
      userstp.emf which defines a new Emulation "CUA" which you must select to
      enable. The mecua.emf is executed during the main setup process and changes
      all the key bindings, osdcua.emf is executed before the main menu is opened
      for the first time and it corrects the main menus behaviour and key binding

      If like me you are very dangerous when let loose in ME with CUA bindings the
      best way to play with this is to create a new user using the -u option and
      simply set the Emulation in user-setup and restart me, i.e. do:

      me32 -u cuauser

      And remember: Abort (C-g) is now esc, to execute a command (esc x) is A-c and
      to enter a numeric argument (e.g. esc 123) press A-a 123 etc.

      I am also interested in creating an emulation for GNU Emacs, this will
      probably consist mainly of key binding corrections, additional bindings and
      wrapper macros to fix command name differences.

      However having not used Emacs for years I am no longer in a position to know
      what the main annoyances of using ME are from an Emacs users point of view. If
      someone can generate such a list and send it to me it would be most helpful.


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