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1232RE: [jasspa] CUA support - update

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    Oct 17, 2004
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      I know that the CUA standard really only affects cut/copy/paste, open,
      save, find and a couple more.

      I don't mean the mode to be a definitive solution, just a stopgap so
      people can use a decent editor without having to learn all the emacs
      keybindings or have consistency with other applications (in my case,
      mylqlcc uses C-e for "execute query", imagine how dangerous it is to
      use ME's "end of line").

      One of the main things that ME has that most other Unix/multiplatform
      editor is that you can configure most things with a GUI. Try
      configuring scite (just one example), you need to edit the
      configuration file and it is not that easy. You can't expect a newbie
      to do that (you can't expect it from me either, I don't have that much
      time to waste configuring a text editor, that's why I try every single
      editor I can get my hands on and always come back to ME, it just works
      for 90% of the things I want to do).

      Apps that use C-w to close tab (buffer): mozilla, konqueror,
      openoffice. Many others (kate, mysqlcc) use C-f4, but I put that one to
      "close window"... as you said, many things are not exactly "set".

      The C-h to replace is also one of the possibilities. I am just more
      used to C-r. F3 to "search again" seems to be quite common (Most MS
      products, Mozilla).

      In the end, I reckon that we should use the MS ones, as they are the
      ones that people are most likely to have used before. Not all options
      need binded to a key, as I expect that most CUA users are also mouse
      users (not that it is bad that they are).

      Well, just my opinion, now you're free to ignore me completely :)


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