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1227Re: [jasspa] CUA support - update

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  • Bob Paddock
    Oct 16, 2004
      On Saturday 16 October 2004 07:36 am, Jon Green wrote:

      > Would standardizing the GUI key bindings be sufficient ?
      > Should we consider a move to a native GUI for dialog boxes etc. ?
      > a) Is all of this effort worth it ?


      > b) Would MicroEmacs become "BloatedMicroEmacs" or "MegaEmacs" ?

      Yes. There are lots of Emacs variations out there. Keep MicroEmacs good at
      what it is good at, being small, fast, and enduring.

      > c) Would it be more frustrating to use ?

      Probably. I'm usually using it when there is no GUI running yet.

      > d) Would it make it more usable ?
      > I guess the real basic questions I should be asking are:-
      > Why do you use MicroEmacs ?
      > What do you want as a user from MicroEmacs ?

      I use NanoEmacs to bring up new systems, like Gentoo where they stick you
      with that sucky 'nano' editor in the base boot system. *SMALL* and easy to
      build is what it is all about at this point. Eventually as the system gets
      father into the build process I bring up full MicroEmacs then the full
      FSF/GNU Emacs.

      NanoEmacs is small enough to stick in a RAM disk and not notice then
      you end up with instant load times.

      > d) Would it make it more usable ?

      They one thing I would like to see is that in NE/ME that the key bindings that
      are not already spoken for match those of FSF/GNU Emacs.

      Meta-% gets Quire-Replace
      Ctrl-SPACE sets the mark

      Yes, it is easy enough to do myself in the config files but if their not
      already used when not try to match FSF/GNU Emacs? Might get more converts
      that way.

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