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1226Re: [jasspa] CUA support - update

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  • Jon Green
    Oct 16, 2004
      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > I'm against spending any effort making ME more like Notepad. I think if
      > we made ME at all CUI-approximating, we can just rename it Micro
      > Notepad, because it won't be Emacs-like at all, anymore. The keys just
      > about conflict 100%. I would never use it this way. I like being able
      > to move around in my document using keyboard keys!

      I would not worry about this. I never use CUA modes and can type
      Emacs commands into M$ Word with a devastating effects (I
      now use primitive Emacs bindings in Word to stop me destroying
      documents or printing them inadvertenly using ^p). If it is
      an emulation mode that has to be enabled separately then
      that is fine by me.

      > And there are bigger usability fish to fry: The support
      > for fill-in forms (e.g., User Prefs) is just not really usable
      > for the non-hacker and super confusing (if you aren't running in
      > GUI mode with a mouse to fall back on). And the online help
      > (that pop-up box!!) is almost as bad. Those problems, alas, drag
      > down a lot of good work. It's in these area that I really wish ME were
      > more Windows-like. (Windows Logo requirements like being able to use
      > all GUIs even without a mouse, using keys like Ctrl-Tab to flip through
      > tabbed dialogs, use of space to check boxes and drop down lists, and
      > support for OK/Cancel and not using Enter for anything except OK.
      > Windows has an excellent set of standards for those things.)

      I certainly agree with this - does require some cleaning.
      It is also a real pain on a termcap terminal when you have
      restricted terminal capabilities because of the highlighting.
      Must admit I do not use the help box, I just go straight into
      the help pages (M-x help) and click/tab around - usually straight
      to the glossary and then search - so I do not really notice.

      Would standardizing the GUI key bindings be sufficient ?
      Should we consider a move to a native GUI for dialog boxes etc. ?
      a) Is all of this effort worth it ?
      b) Would MicroEmacs become "BloatedMicroEmacs" or "MegaEmacs" ?
      c) Would it be more frustrating to use ?
      d) Would it make it more usable ?

      I guess the real basic questions I should be asking are:-

      Why do you use MicroEmacs ?
      What do you want as a user from MicroEmacs ?

      Amazing, I cannot ever recall asking these questions and
      I've never seen any answers to these questions.


      > -Tom Hundt
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