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1221Re: [jasspa] CUA support - update

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Oct 15, 2004
      I'm against spending any effort making ME more like Notepad. I think if
      we made ME at all CUI-approximating, we can just rename it Micro
      Notepad, because it won't be Emacs-like at all, anymore. The keys just
      about conflict 100%. I would never use it this way. I like being able
      to move around in my document using keyboard keys!

      And there are bigger usability fish to fry: The support
      for fill-in forms (e.g., User Prefs) is just not really usable
      for the non-hacker and super confusing (if you aren't running in
      GUI mode with a mouse to fall back on). And the online help
      (that pop-up box!!) is almost as bad. Those problems, alas, drag
      down a lot of good work. It's in these area that I really wish ME were
      more Windows-like. (Windows Logo requirements like being able to use
      all GUIs even without a mouse, using keys like Ctrl-Tab to flip through
      tabbed dialogs, use of space to check boxes and drop down lists, and
      support for OK/Cancel and not using Enter for anything except OK.
      Windows has an excellent set of standards for those things.)

      -Tom Hundt

      Phillips, Steven wrote:

      > Okay, so I started to play around with this and I thought the first
      > thing to do would be to get a definitive list of key bindings for the
      > CUA standard, simple you might think? Ha! Some bloody standard! Find
      > Again? C-g or F3, Goto (line) often mapped to C-g, Replace C-h or
      > C-r, C-w is not bound to close buffer on any CUA app or doc I've
      > found yet and so it goes on.
      > So those CUA standard are we trying to support? I think we need a
      > base CUA editor/app on which to base our support, that way we can all
      > contribute constructively to this rather then go round in circles.
      > So Gabriel, as the instigator of this what app do you recommend?
      > Once we have the basics in place we may need to create several CUA
      > versions, CUA (original IBM), CUA (Windows), CUA (Windows Word) etc.
      > Don't you just love standards!
      > Steve
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