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1187Re: [jasspa] 3 questions - Indent/Outdent region.

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 29, 2004
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      Tony Bedford wrote:
      > 3 questions guys:


      > 3) Last, but not least, how do I indent or outdent blocks of text, I really
      > miss this feature?!

      Attached is my latest offering for the 'shove-over' and
      'shove-back' macros to perform the indent and outdent.
      These are a little more sophisticated than the original
      circa 2002 macros as they handle both numeric arguments
      and selected regions with the same command. Hopefully
      I have not messed up, it is the first time that I've
      really tried to combine both hilighted regions and
      argument commands in a single macro. The region
      selection is a little hairy, but otherwise
      the macro is reasonably straight forward.

      They are bundled up with the other utilty
      contribution macros so will get shipped
      in future as an example.

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