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1184Re: [jasspa] indenting and outdenting blocks of text

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 29, 2004
      Tony Bedford wrote:

      >>>Jasspa just keeps getting better!)
      > Yes!!
      > Re: Insert date...very nice feature...but how to map the insert date menu
      > option to a key combo? I could only find ascii-time - I didn;t see any
      > insert date commands in the manual.
      > Cheers,
      > Tony

      If you have the latest 0407 patches then there is a directory
      /.../jasspa/contrib (or c:/Program Files/JASSPA/MicroEmacs/contrib/
      in MS-Windows) in this directory there are useful extensions
      to the base macro set that are not installed by default.
      These files can be edited (or copied for the myxxx.emf files)
      into the user directory. The user.emf file contains
      extensions that you can insert into your "user.emf" file
      (i.e. tony.emf). Inside this file you will find a
      macro "insert-date" and you can bind this to a key.

      If you cannot find it then the macro is simple
      as below:-

      ; insert-date; Insert the current date into the text.
      define-macro insert-date
      ; ascii-time returns a formatted string in #l9
      insert-string #l9

      Then simply do the binding:-

      global-bind-key insert-date "<My fav. key>"

      I must admit I do not normally bind it, but use
      "M-x insert-date" when I want the date and
      "M-x insert-file-name" when I want the

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