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  • Tony Bedford
    Sep 8, 2004

      Just a note to say I just started using MicroEmacs and really like it.
      I had been using Jedit (the Java based editor), which has some very nice
      features, but in the end I gave up out of frustration with it's slowness
      when working on large XSL style sheets. The same style sheet loads instantly
      in ME and ME never seems to slow down :)

      Things I like about MicroEmacs:
      - lightning fast, loads quickly and large files load instantly too.
      - easy to set up for basic editing.
      - easy to add new macros.
      - sensible auto indenting.
      - auto spell is very useful as I write documentation.
      - in built colour schemes are quite nifty.
      - access to tools such as grep, mail etc.
      - ability to read man pages and Perl docs in the editor is very handy :)

      Things that I would like to see more info and practical examples on:
      - setting up MicroEmacs to read email on Windows (that would be SO
      - ability to validate XML docs.

      One thing I think would be cool is to try and get some links
      on the ME home page to people actively using ME. I'd like to know
      what other cool things people are doing with ME.

      If I get time I am going to see if I can hook up ME to HTML Tidy, which
      would be useful. Not sure when that will be though!

      Thanks for a great editor.


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