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1157Re: [jasspa] Inconsistencies in bind-key commands for Alt/Esc

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  • Jon Green
    Aug 27, 2004
      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      >>>(This is in ME version "04/03/01" which is 01-Mar-2004 [but to us in the
      >>>USA looks like 03-Apr-2001]. Speaking of confusing inconsistencies.)
      >>The yy/mm/dd format is supposed to be neutral and follows the date
      >>stamp used in CVS etc (also yymmdd sorts correctly - well yyyymmdd
      > Yeah I know, I was mostly teasing with that one, and agree about the
      > sorting and that the US is wacky, as usual. YYYY would make it a little
      > more clear -- I don't think I've ever seen yyyy-dd-mm.

      Yes you are right, if we used yyyy instead of yy in the version
      display it would be a little more obvious and less open for
      interpretation. Probably a worthy candidate for the 1 minute
      change !


      > BTW: The SQL standard (ISO 9075) uses 'YYYY-MM-DD' and 'YYYY-MM-DD
      > HH:MM:SS'.
      > -Th
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