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1122Help with my macro

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  • salmankhilji
    Jun 22, 2004
      To convert tabs to spaces in batch to a collection of files, I created
      a macro named untabify.emf and put it in $HOME/.jasspa/

      The contents of the macro are:

      define-macro start-up
      !while ¬ &seq $buffer-bname "*scratch*"
      ml-write &spr "Processing [%s]" $buffer-fname
      delete-buffer $buffer-bname

      This is basically a copy of the dos2unix macro that ships with ME.
      However, this does not work. ME complains that it does not know the
      tabs-to-spaces macro. I have to copy the macro definition into
      untabify.emf. Is there a way to not have to copy the macro definition
      and have ME somehow know the existence of other macros within a file
      like untabify.emf or dos2unix.emf?

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