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1121Re: ME problems on Fedora Core 2

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  • salmankhilji
    Jun 14, 2004
      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Steven Phillips <bill@j...> wrote:
      > That looks about spot on, Salman's 'fix' should allow programs like
      grep or
      > find to run in ME but ishell (a unix shell within ME) is unlikely to
      work as
      > the shell requires proper Job and terminal control which means it
      needs the
      > pseudo terminal. So does anyone have any docs on the new style PTYs?
      Is there
      > a system call to allocate one or is it simply a different naming

      Would it help if I post the result of

      cd /dev
      ls -l pt*

      The results are rather long which is why I don't want to post it here

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