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1081RE: [jasspa] Bug

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    Apr 7, 2004
      Hi Jon,

      what I am trying to do is to change the format of a list of words. An
      example of this is when I created the keyword list for the css mode:

      Using the command line I created a list of the keywords (then into sort
      and then into uniq), then I had a list like:


      what I did was to replace (Esc-R)
      '\n' with

      " .scheme.keyword hilight\n hilight .hilight.css 1

      so I got:

      hilight .hilight.css 1 "keyword1" .scheme.keyword
      hilight .hilight.css 1 "keyword2" .scheme.keyword
      hilight .hilight.css 1 "keyword3" .scheme.keyword

      Well, that is the theory. Because of the bug I just mentioned I got the
      expected result plus millions of extra lines like
      hilight .hilight.css 1 "" .scheme.keyword

      If I do the same and I don't use a "\n" anywhere in the replacement
      string I then get the "line too long" message.

      I normally use the latter to empty html files of all whitespace so they
      get smaller (/\n[ ]*/). I then end up with one long line that contains
      the whole file (Dreamweaver is terrible, the pages get extremely
      bloated with whitespace).

      Does it make sense now?



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