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1067How to use Tag file feature?

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  • salmankhilji
    Mar 29, 2004
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      I am working on a modification to the FreeType project.
      (www.freetype.org). The library source tree resides in:


      The tree is big and has several folders nested deep.

      What I would expect as a user is go to the top-level folder and issue
      a 'generate tag files' command. I do so and me creates a tag file in
      the root of the folder. I was expecting that it would create a tag
      file in every folder.

      Now, I have the following file open in ME:


      I would expect to move my cursor over a tag and hit 'ESC-t' to go to
      the definition of that tag. This, however, does not work. That is
      because there is not tag file in the directory in which the file is
      loaded from.

      So this means that I must somehow (how???) load the tag file
      separately. This would add more work on behalf of the
      user---considering especially that all I want to do is double click a
      file in the file-manager and quickly search for a tag.

      Can someone please give me a few pointers on how to use the tag file
      feature efficiently across a big source tree?

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