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1057Re: [jasspa] Corrected CSS Mode + Example

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    Mar 26, 2004
      Thanks for the answer Bruno. That explains all.

      I assume that is perfectly reasonable if you are mixing html and php
      but as I never do that, I pass through the limit quite often (and I
      can't use that at work, my boss would tell me that I need to change

      How can I increase that limit? I have searched for lookback and I can't
      find anything related to a limit and, as I've said before, I know
      nothing of the macro language.


      > --- Bruno Sabin <bsabin@...> wrote:
      > ---------------------------------
      > Hello Gabriel,
      > > Completely unrelated to this mode, sometimes on the PHP mode I
      > > the colours or the indentation lost, but only one of them at
      > > time. Does anyone else get the same error?
      > there is currently a hilight lookback limited to 200 lines in
      > buffer mode. This means that you will see the PHP hilighting
      > hilighting when the line at the top of the current window is
      > than 200. A quick workaround to this is to drop the special
      > "#?php" (without the quotes) every 199 or less lines.
      > Bruno

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