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1052RE: [jasspa] Corrected CSS Mode + Example

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Mar 24, 2004
      Here is an updated version, I have made the following changes:

      Found that CSS tokens are case insensitive so made the hilight case insensitive.

      Added class name hilighting

      Added a few more tokens (not convinced that horizontal-alignment is valid can anyone confirm this?)

      Removed '//' indent rule

      The #ffffff numbers are being hilighted as constants but as this tends to be OTT most hilighting schemes set the constant hilighting scheme to be the same as the default so it is not seen. Try changing to "Sandy Shores"! Use the scheme-editor to get it as you want it.

      There appears to be modifiers or qualifiers to some of the html tags, e.g.

      a:hover { }
      a:link {}
      a:visited {}
      a:hove {} (?? taken from first example, should this be hover?)

      the 'a' is hilight as a 'class' (variable) the ':' is hilighted but the hover, link etc are not, should we be hilighting ':hover' ':link' etc rather than just ':'


      > -----Original Message-----
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      > Sent: 23 March 2004 20:34
      > To: jasspa@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [jasspa] Corrected CSS Mode + Example
      > Hi there,
      > Thanks for the cleanup, I tend to chose the Perl macros as
      > the base for
      > everything I do (don't ask me why) and I still don't know anything
      > about the ME macro system, I just add/delete as I go along.
      > The duplicates come from the fact that I got the list of keywords from
      > the w3c site and then run a script to extract them. As I haven't had
      > much time I haven't gone through checking it.
      > The modified file seems to work perfectly. I haven't tested it at work
      > so I don't know if it crashes or not, will test that tomorrow.
      > I enclose a stylesheet so you can see a couple of words that
      > don't come
      > up right (I don't know if I did include them or not).
      > A couple of improvements would be great if someone could make them:
      > -words starting with . are class names (variables?).
      > -could it be possible to hightlight colour names such as "white",
      > "black" and so on and html colours (#00aaff and so on) with the same
      > colour? That would be a great help.
      > Completely unrelated to this mode, sometimes on the PHP mode I get the
      > colours or the indentation lost, but only one of them at the
      > time. Does
      > anyone else get the same error?
      > Thanks to everyone involved in fixing the mode.
      > Gabriel
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