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1048Corrected CSS Mode + Example

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    Mar 23, 2004
      Hi there,

      Thanks for the cleanup, I tend to chose the Perl macros as the base for
      everything I do (don't ask me why) and I still don't know anything
      about the ME macro system, I just add/delete as I go along.

      The duplicates come from the fact that I got the list of keywords from
      the w3c site and then run a script to extract them. As I haven't had
      much time I haven't gone through checking it.

      The modified file seems to work perfectly. I haven't tested it at work
      so I don't know if it crashes or not, will test that tomorrow.

      I enclose a stylesheet so you can see a couple of words that don't come
      up right (I don't know if I did include them or not).

      A couple of improvements would be great if someone could make them:
      -words starting with . are class names (variables?).
      -could it be possible to hightlight colour names such as "white",
      "black" and so on and html colours (#00aaff and so on) with the same
      colour? That would be a great help.

      Completely unrelated to this mode, sometimes on the PHP mode I get the
      colours or the indentation lost, but only one of them at the time. Does
      anyone else get the same error?

      Thanks to everyone involved in fixing the mode.


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