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1039Re: [jasspa] More possible improvements

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    Mar 1, 2004
      > Could we get away with just swapping the background
      > colors without changing the foreground color ? This
      > would be slightly simpler. But does need some
      > further consideraion - will add to the wish list.

      That is exactly what it does, the colours are all really pale (it has
      white background by default), just different enough to be easily
      spotted (of course, this won't work on the console, unless you have
      some type of framebuffer).

      > Would need to play around with the hilighting to do this.
      > Unlike a windows or X application then there are restrictions
      > on how much you can annotate in text.

      Couldn't you just have a window on the left hand side, 1 column wide,
      with the right things and a macro to link the movement on both windows
      together? (it sounds easier to me)

      > All of your previous saves are in "file~" if you have backups
      > Could easily write a macro to slurp this file up and vapour your
      > changes. If you have multiple backups enabled then you can go
      > back further. I cannot say that I have ever wanted to do this
      > and will go back to ~ if I need to.

      That sounds like the way to do it, so I'll have to look into it (that
      is just something I found useful, as it can be used as a kind of local
      versioning system.

      > > One more question, where is the right click menu defined? I am
      > > try to nick some code from there to try to implement
      > > the way most editors do (with a pop-up menu).
      > >

      > mouseosd.emf
      > bounding is mouse-drop-3

      Thanks for the answer


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