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1038Re: [jasspa] More possible improvements

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  • Jon Green
    Mar 1, 2004
      first last wrote:
      > Hi there. I have just being playing around with Scintilla, another
      > editor and I have found two or three things that could be useful if
      > added to ME:
      > -Scintilla changes the background for different languages in the same
      > file (IE: a PHP file will have white background for HTML, light blue
      > for JavaScript and light pink for PHP).

      You would have to set this up in the language templates
      and define your scheme colors. It is possible. So instead
      of using $global-scheme in hkc.emf you would use your new
      scheme settings. You would have to define the composition
      of all of the languages you wanted to hilight.

      I guess that the standard templates might be better defined
      in terms of "base+offset" where "base" is the color scheme
      and "offset" is ".scheme.keyword". By default 'base' would
      always be zero which is the standard color.

      Something to ponder on for a future release, it is not
      that difficult, just a bit painful defining the colors
      as they are all pre-set.

      There may be a way to swap these on a per buffer
      basis but would have to look very carefully at this
      to make sure that it did not impact rendering speed.
      At the moment all of the color pairs are pre-cooked
      and pre-loaded to minimise any run-time implication
      of messing around with color - this is what makes the
      display fast - we try to minimise the indirections
      and colour lookups as this is where most CPU is used.

      Could we get away with just swapping the background
      colors without changing the foreground color ? This
      would be slightly simpler. But does need some
      further consideraion - will add to the wish list.

      > -There is a (optional) vertical line where the code folds are marked
      > with - if they are expanded, + if they are folded. Also clicking on
      > them you can expand/fold them (I know this is a common thing in many
      > editors, that doesn't make it any less useful).

      Would need to play around with the hilighting to do this.
      Unlike a windows or X application then there are restrictions
      on how much you can annotate in text.

      > There is an undo function that reverts to the previously saved status,
      > so gets rid of all the changes since last saved (and, if pressed again
      > does the same to the previous save). That could be another improvement
      > (put it somewhere in the menu). If I am not wrong, to implement this on
      > ME we will have to mark the undo step somehow and then revert all the
      > way back to that one when this option is selected.

      All of your previous saves are in "file~" if you have backups enabled.
      Could easily write a macro to slurp this file up and vapour your
      changes. If you have multiple backups enabled then you can go
      back further. I cannot say that I have ever wanted to do this
      and will go back to ~ if I need to.

      > One more question, where is the right click menu defined? I am gonna
      > try to nick some code from there to try to implement code-completion
      > the way most editors do (with a pop-up menu).

      bounding is mouse-drop-3

      > Thanks
      > Gabriel
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