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1018Re: [jasspa] Unix fonts on Windows

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    Feb 17, 2004
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      They're not OK on XP SP1, but on 98 and 2000 they seem to be alright as
      far as you have set up your display to use "small fonts" (the default).
      If you change your display to large fonts (120%) they just won't work
      at all, not even 6x13.

      I assume that Windows resizes the fonts to whatever it feels like
      (that's the point of vector fonts, isn't it?) but 7x14 and family being
      bitmapped fonts cannot be resized and so they fail.

      Changing the font settings from ME (I assume that would actually try to
      change the font size and so) does not work either.

      --- Jon Green <jnaught@...> wrote:
      first last wrote:

      > After testing in Windows 98 I found that the bug was still there. In
      > this case, it was 'cos I was using bigger fonts (120%).
      > IMO, the bug is not in ME, but in the way Windows interacts with the
      > Unix fonts.
      > Thanks for the help and sorry for making you waste your time.
      > Gabriel

      Hi Gabriel,

      So to be clear on this issue.

      The fixed bitmap fonts are OK on all Win32 platforms provided
      that they are not scaled and are used at 100% size. If the
      font metric is changed, i.e. 11 point selected when the
      font only specifies 10 point, then there is a problem.

      Is this right ?



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