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1009Re: [jasspa] Unix fonts on ME for Windows, possible bug? (3... I'll stop now)

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  • Jon Green
    Feb 13 2:27 AM
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      first last wrote:
      > After deleting the font (Outline 2000 it is called in the fonts folder)
      > ME still doesn't work with the font.
      > Maybe the font I am using has something wrong and it doesn't show up in
      > anything but ME? The rest of the fonts from different sources seem to
      > work alright.
      > Does anyone have a copy of 7x14 from a different source that the one I
      > posted? If you could send me that one I could try it.
      > Gabriel

      The font file that was in your registry was called "7x14" ME expects
      to find a file called "7x14.fon" or "7x14.ttf". There should only be
      one in the folder and it should be resident in the fonts
      folder. I'm not sure how you can have multiple versions of the same
      font ? Removal of "Outline 2000" will probably not make
      much difference because the font file name will be different.

      I'm not a Windows expert, but suggest that you clean out all the fonts
      you may have added and then import the fixed fonts again into the
      folder and see if this solves the problem. I assume that when the
      fonts are imported then they were copied.

      I've checked through the font code and it looks OK. The font is
      selected which loads it into memory and effectively locks it
      which prevents the font from dropping out.

      I've run out of any other ideas on this problem I know
      that your machine configuration of ME is OK from your
      registry dump. I get the impression that -Th problem with
      2K is fixed with RC4 (which is what we hoped) so it is
      only XP that is now the issue. Unfortunately I do not
      have access to XP.

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